Power Distribution (HV-LV)

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Power Distribution (HV-LV)

Coolaire Engineering provides solutions for electric power distribution system. We have the expertise to provide consultation, design, application, build and testing for all kinds of power distribution from high to low voltage.

In a typical electric power delivery, at the final stage is the electrical power distribution. It occurs from the transmission system to individual consumers.

Why leaving the work to an expert is important

The power that comes into the distribution substations that connect to the transmission system can be very high in voltage. In the system, through the transformers, the high voltage is transformed to a medium voltage ranging between 2 kV and 35 kV.

The primary distribution lines will carry the medium voltage power to distribution transformers near your premise. The transformers will lower the voltage further to proper voltage for residential or commercial use. It typically feeds several household or premise through secondary distribution lines at the suitable voltage.

Service drops are overhead electrical lines running from utility poles. In electric power distribution, a service drop will connect one building to other premises, be it commercial or residential premises, to provide power to the buildings.