Food & Packaging Cleanroom

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Food & Packaging Cleanroom

Food manufacturing and packaging facilities must be designed to prevent cross contamination of products and eliminate the chance of bacterial growth. Zoning, procedures, and communication are also critical to clean food and beverage facility.

The food and packaging industry today is also adopting a better local environment and using isolators to achieve ISO Class 4 (Class 10), in which typically observed in the semiconductor industry. It is crucial to provide a sterile setting to protect the production from contamination from both the environment and operators.

For packaging process, special handling of products and ensuring contents not compromised is eminent. Clean rooms with controlled packaging environment that can facilitate packaging of items that are sensitive to contamination are required. Proper equipment installation such like specialized reverse airflow filtration system, stainless steel tables; waterproof and shatterproof light fixtures, and many other things.

Benefits of Clean Food Processing Facility:
• Higher quality products
• Extended shelf life
• Increased yield and productivity
• Reduced chance of cross contamination
• Safe and better quality working environment for employees