Coolaire Engineering Sdn Bhd

We are a cleanroom contractor based in Penang, Malaysia.
We provide cleanroom design, engineering and construction
semiconductor, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and
food and packaging industries.
Turnkey Contractors

Cleanroom Design, Engineering and Construction

We design, build and install all types of clean rooms, specializing in cleanroom
engineering, ventilation, air conditioning and electrical systems.

Have unique cleanroom requirements for your products?

No worries. We can customize your modular cleanroom design and build.


Advance Solution For Your Building


Cleanroom Design & Build


Air- Conditioning & Mechanical Ventilation Syetem


Process Pipping & Installation


Building Management / Monitoring System (BMS)


Design & Build Of The Entire Facility



Air conditioning contractors install, repair, and maintain the electrical equipment and controls found in cooling systems. Coolaire Engineering Sdn Bhd provides top notch services for air conditioners in Penang, Malaysia. Our contractors travel to perform on-site repairs, and they work in tight spots or in warm or cold environments depending on the problem.

What are our products and services?

Here in Coolaire Engineering, we specialize in providing mechanical system servicing, electrical and control servicing, as well as cleanroom services whereby our cleanroom contractors will design, model, source and service cleanrooms for our cleanrooms. We also specialize in our Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning services for the HVAC system, such as servicing air conditioners.

What is an air conditioning contractor?

An air conditioning contractor is a business whose service technicians are tasked with installing, maintaining, and repairing air conditioners. In Malaysia, an air conditioning contractor is required to have a professional license for a company to perform these services.

Why do we need to service our air conditioner?

Regular servicing and maintenance keep your unit running at maximum efficiency, significantly extending the lifetime of a unit and lowering operating costs. Furthermore, routine maintenance will ensure that the unit qualifies for the full warranty of up to ten years compared to the standard manufacturer’s one year warranty.

What are the types of services offered by an air conditioning contractor?

There are three types of services that are usually offered by air conditioning contractors, which are: -

  1. Maintenance: Inspection and maintenance services focus on things such as checking pipes and tube joints for leakage, checking and refilling refrigerant levels, testing electric circuits, inspecting fans and motors, cleaning air ducts, and changing air conditioning filters.
  2. Repair: The next type of job besides maintenance is the actual repair work necessary when problems are discovered. This portion of the job involves installing/repairing/replacing specific faulty parts on a heating or cooling system to get the heat or air conditioning running again. This is where a majority of attention is focused on the average HVAC contractor, as repairs are often on an emergency basis, especially in the cold of winter or extreme heat of humid and hot weathers.
  3. Installation: These tasks included in an HVAC system installation may involve checking the current system and set up, taking measurements to ensure a new system is the proper size and capacity for the home; carefully re-installing the existing system, being careful to minimize the disturbance of comfort for the occupants of the home or office; connecting the new units, which can involve installing ductwork, wiring, tubing, pipes, or electrical supply lines; and a final check after installation to make sure that the job is completed and the system is safe and ready for the homeowners to use.

What are the advantages of having HVAC (Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) in our lives?

The process of heating, ventilating and conditioning the air of our space has become a crucial technology in our life. The technology enables indoor environmental comforts not just in our homes but anywhere that requires proper HVAC. It provides cooling or thermal comfort, depending on the weather, and also suitable indoor air quality.

How often should I have my air conditioning serviced?

Your air conditioning should be serviced at least once a year with regular inspections up to 4 times per year depending on your system. It is important to consult with a HVAC service company with respected industry certifications and credentials. A quality air conditioning service provider can easily tailor a service plan to meet your budget requirements and keep your system running reliably.



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